Annapurna Region

Annapurna Region, Annapurna Base Camp, Nepal.

Western Nepal is iconized by the Annapurna massif and the popular tourist destination, Pokhara. The Annapurna region encapsulates the world’s best trekking routes. The major and popular trekking routes lead to Jomsom, Mustang, Manang, Annapurna Sanctuary and around the Annapurna range. Most of the treks, in Annapurna Region, including the “Royal Trek” commence from the lake city of Pokhara. The Annapurna region can well be regarded as a launching pad for some of the most exclusive and adventurous treks to the restricted zones of Nepal, like Mustang and Nar Phu. Since Annapurna region is easily accessible; shortly after leaving the hustle and bustle of Pokhara, you can find yourself on the trail and mind you, the hotels in the hills are plentiful, so you can actually count on the good food and accommodation. Be it a subtropical vista, the most popular mountain pass in Nepal - the Thorong La, Kali Gandaki - the deepest gorge or the desiccated trans-Himalayan expanse, the Annapurna region cuddles them all! Not surprising as to why more than 60,000 visitors turn up to explore this region every year. Yes, the routes at times do get rough and challengingly curvy, but the unmatchable and flawless panorama coupled with the enticing cultural cocktail, would definitely compensate for your toils along trails. It’s not just the main trek that’s appealing, the side trips that some of the overnight halting destinations offer you, are equally irresistible.

Come, be a part of this most extraordinary journey to the highlands of the Annapurna and satiate your quest for a true adventure !

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP)
ACAP was established in 1986, under the banner of the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation. The project encompasses the entire Annapurna range, more than 7600 sq km. In an innovative approach to environmental protection, it was declared a "conservation area" instead of a national park. A large number of people live within the protected region, but traditional national park practices dictate them. To avoid any conflict of interests, ACAP has sought the involvement of local people and has emphasized environmental education.

ACAP project includes the training of lodge owners, with an emphasis on sanitation, deforestation and cultural pride. The project aids in training the trekking lodge operators and encourages the hoteliers to charge a fair price for food and accommodation. ACAP encourages the use of kerosene for cooking throughout the region, above Chhomrong (2,170 m) in the Annapurna Sanctuary and also on the route between Ghandruk (1,940 m) and Ghorepani (2,874m). ACAP is supported by a "conservation fee" that is collected from the trekkers who obtain trekking permits for the Annapurna region.

ACAP has also encouraged the construction of toilets throughout the Annapurna region, so it is advisable to use them while trekking. ACAP has made a provision for the supply of kerosene in those parts of the conservation area where the use of firewood by both, trekking groups and hotels is prohibited.

While you are in Pokhara, you can also visit ACAP's Trekkers Information & Environmental Centre next to the Hotel Lakeside. In addition to providing useful information, the center facilitates the “trekkers meeting board” and also sells iodine, solar battery chargers and other environment- friendly products. Just to avoid the potential hazard likely to be triggered by haphazard disposal of old batteries, there is a provision of a battery drop-off center.


 Dhampus Sarangkot Trek - 07 Days Dhampus Sarangkot Trek - 07 Days

Dhampus, a picturesque small village in the Annapurna region, lies about 220 kilo meters away from Kathmandu. This “Gurung” dominated village is also one of the several entry points to the Annapurna Base Camp and the gateway to many trekking trails in the Annapurna region.  One can witness a whooping close up view of the luscious Annapurna Range and many other towering mountai...

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 Chandrakot Trek - 08 Days Chandrakot Trek - 08 Days

“Chandrakot Trek” is akin to a diamond of the first water for the short vacationers who aspire for a quick indulgence in the grandeur of Annapurna expanse, at an extremely low elevation. The trek is just a prelude to the kind of walk involved in this well-trodden region of Nepal. The pomp and show of Pokhara - the most favored tourist hotspot, coupled with its serene lakes, artisti...

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 Ghorepani - Poon Hill Trek - 10 Days Ghorepani - Poon Hill Trek - 10 Days

Ghorepani Poonhill Trek is an effortless slog in the spectacular mountain milieu, through the charming villages of Ghandruk and Ulleri coupled with an enticing ascent to the vantage point of Poonhill. As you advance, you can see the profound........

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 Kissing Manaslu Trek - 12 Days Kissing Manaslu Trek - 12 Days

Mount Manaslu (8163 m), the highest peak of the Gorkha massif, is ranked as the eighth highest mountain in the world. It is located about forty miles east of Annapurna, the tenth among the world’s tallest mountains. The name Manaslu is derived from the Sanskrit word "Manasa" and can be roughly translated as "Mountain of the Spirit". Interestingly, an all-female Japane...

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 Upper Mustang Express Trek - 12 Days Upper Mustang Express Trek - 12 Days

Mustang is one of the most mystique regions of Nepal located in the north western Himalayas.  From the lush coniferous forests in the south, to the desert wildflowers scattered across the northernmost plains, this region is just one of its kinds. Caught in the rain shadow of Dhaulagiri Himal (8167m) to the west and the Annapurna massif to the east, most of Mustang's 750 square-miles a...

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 Annapurna Base Camp Trek - 14 Days Annapurna Base Camp Trek - 14 Days

The Annapurna Base Camp Trek offers you an ecstatically up-close view of the Annapurna Massif. Being at the very base of the mighty Annapurna (8091 m), you are certain to get overwhelmed. Think of splendid waterfalls, pinky rhododendron bushes.......

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 Jomsom Muktinath Trek -16 days Jomsom Muktinath Trek -16 days

The very classic, “Jomsom Muktinath Trek” encapsulates the world's deepest gorge of the Kali Gandaki River, the charisma of Jomsom and the pious milieu of Muktinath- one of the most revered pilgrimage sites for Buddhists and Hindus. Since the trek attains the maximum altitude of just 3800 meters, it can be completed by anybody with a moderate level of fitness. As you saunter al...

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 Annapurna Sanctuary Trek - 17 Days Annapurna Sanctuary Trek - 17 Days

The Annapurna Sanctuary is an oval shaped plateau perched at an altitude of 4000m. The chain of the towering Annapurna massif encompasses this expanse from all sides. Owing to such unique topography, this region receives only seven hours of sunlight a day, yet it is blessed with an extra-ordinary variety of ecosystems. This sanctuary was once regarded as sacred for the people following Hindu a...

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 Upper Mustang Trek - 16 Days Upper Mustang Trek - 16 Days

Marron Treks offers you,  the Upper Mustang Trek - (16 Days), an exclusive trek package to Mustang, one of the most mystique regions of Nepal. Mustang, located in Nepal’s northwestern Himalayas, is a land of diverse topography, multifarious ethnic groups and wide spectrum of floras and faunas. From the lush coniferous forests in the south, to the desert wildflowers scattered ac...

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 Annapurna Round Trek - 18 Days Annapurna Round Trek - 18 Days

Unshackled in 1977 for tourist amusement, the Annapurna region attracts over 60,000 visitors a year. The luscious mountain vista, flabbergasting natural beauty and the exotic slice of Nepal, Tibetan and trans-Himalayan life style that you witness here, are simply unmatchable. Annapurna Round Trek, as the nomenclature suggests, we literally hoop around the Annapurna range, trailing along the...

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 Annapurna Circuit Trek - 22 Days Annapurna Circuit Trek - 22 Days

The classic Annapurna Circuit trek first became accessible to the world of adventure travelers as recently as 1977, when the Nepalese Government derestricted the Manang Valley, which had previously been closed on account of its proximity to the Tibetan border. Providing a combination of spectacular high mountain scenery, picturesque lowland farms and villages, a wealth of cultural interest and...

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 Tsum Valley Trek - 21 Days Tsum Valley Trek - 21 Days

The Tsum Valley, often aliased as the "hidden valley", is situated in northern part of Nepal’s Gorkha district. Tsum is derived from the Tibetan word "Tsombo", which means “clear”. Boisterously poised against the captivating mountainous backdrop of the Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal, and Boudha Himal, this tranquil Himalayan valley is abundantly blessed with r...

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 Dhampus Astangkot Trek - 08 Days Dhampus Astangkot Trek - 08 Days

Dhampus Astangkot Trek is a short days trek suitable for all age group. We have 6 Days trek, within these short trip  we can see the wonderful view of Fishtail mountain, Gangapurna, Mardi Himal, Himchuli, South Annapurna, Annapurna III and many other mountains. These region is mainly settled by Gurung and Magars. Gurung are the well known Gurkha soldier in British, Nepali and Indian army....

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 Annapurna Round & Mustang Trek - 23 Days Annapurna Round & Mustang Trek - 23 Days

The Annapurna Round and Mustang Trek gives you the opportunity to trail around the highly popular Annapurna region and also takes you to the mysterious region of Mustang, one of the least known former kingdoms of Nepal......

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 Manaslu Circuit Trek - 23 Days Manaslu Circuit Trek - 23 Days

The Manaslu Circuit Trek catapults you to the diverse topography of Nepal, ranging from the sub-tropical foothills of the Himalayas to the arid trans-Himalayan high pastures bordering Tibet. Heading north, witness the valley opening up and accentuating.......

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