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Mount Everest Flight

Mount Everest Flight

Trip at a Glance

  • Country

    Country: Nepal

  • Trip grade

    Trip grade: Easy

  • Destination

    Destination: Everest region

  • Activities

    Activities: Mountain Flight

  • Transportation

    Transportation: Private vehicle/Plane

  • Group size

    Group size: 1 pax min

  • Trip Start / End

    Trip Start / End: Kathmandu - Kathmandu

  • Best Season

    Best Season: Jan-Jun, Sep-Dec

Mount Everest flight is a unique and exhilarating adventure that offers breathtaking views of the world’s highest peak. It is an ideal way to witness the majestic beauty of Mount Everest and the surrounding Himalayan range, without the hassle and physical exertion of a trek.

Mount Everest flight package offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to marvel at the awe-inspiring landscapes from the comfort of a private aircraft. The flight duration is approximately one hour, during which you will be accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable pilots who will provide insightful commentary about the journey.

As the flight takes off from Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city, you will have the chance to witness the stunning aerial views of Kathmandu Valley, which is surrounded by towering mountains. The journey then continues towards the Himalayas, offering panoramic views of snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and glaciers.

The highlight of the flight is undoubtedly the close-up view of Mount Everest itself. As the aircraft approaches the Everest region, you will witness the mighty mountain in all its glory. The sheer beauty and grandeur of Mount Everest will leave you spellbound, as you soar above it, capturing breathtaking photographs and memories.

Our aircraft are equipped with large windows and comfortable seats, ensuring that you have an unobstructed view of the magnificent landscapes below. The pilots will make sure to manoeuvre the aircraft in such a way that every passenger gets an equal opportunity to marvel at the scenery and take stunning photographs.

Safety is our top priority, and our aircraft undergo regular maintenance checks to ensure optimal performance and passenger safety. We strictly adhere to all standard aviation regulations and have a team of highly trained and experienced pilots who prioritize your well-being.

Mount Everest flight experience is suitable for all ages and physical abilities, making it a perfect adventure for families, friends, and solo travellers alike. Whether you are an avid mountaineer or a nature enthusiast, this flight will leave you in awe of the world’s highest peak and provide you with unforgettable memories.

A breathtaking experience awaits those who embark on a Mount Everest flight. As the plane soars through the clear blue skies, passengers are granted a bird’s-eye view of the majestic Himalayan mountain range. The professionalism and expertise of the pilot and flight crew ensure a comfortable journey, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the awe-inspiring beauty below.

The journey begins with detailed safety instructions, emphasizing the importance of following procedures to ensure a smooth and safe flight. The flight crew, adorned in their crisp uniforms, exude a sense of professionalism as they efficiently assist passengers in finding their seats and stowing their belongings.

Once we are settled, the pilot’s authoritative voice resonates through the speakers, informing us of the flight path and the incredible sights we will soon encounter. As the aircraft takes off, the cabin is filled with a sense of anticipation, mingled with a touch of nervous excitement.

As we ascend higher into the sky, the rugged terrain beneath unveils itself, revealing a landscape of towering peaks, deep valleys, and glistening glaciers. The pilot expertly manoeuvres the aircraft, ensuring that passengers on both sides of the plane have equal opportunities for jaw-dropping views.

The professionalism of the flight crew is on display throughout the journey. Attentive flight attendants cater to our needs, offering refreshments and answering any questions we may have. Their warm smiles and cheerful demeanour create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere within the cabin.

While the experience of witnessing Mount Everest from the air is awe-inspiring, it is the professionalism of the crew that truly enhances the journey. Their calm presence and meticulous attention to detail instil a sense of trust and security, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty unfolding outside the aircraft’s windows.

As the flight comes to an end and we make our descent, the captain’s voice once again fills the cabin, thanking us for choosing this unforgettable adventure. The professionalism exhibited throughout the flight has made this an experience like no other, leaving us with memories that will last a lifetime.

Mount Everest flight is much more than just a scenic journey. It is an opportunity to witness the magnificence of the Himalayas through the lens of professionalism and expertise. From the moment we step onto the aircraft until the moment we disembark, we are treated to a first-class experience that leaves us in awe of both the mountain’s beauty and the professionalism of the flight crew.

Mount Everest flight Highlights

  • Close-up Views of Mount Everest including other world's highest mountains.
  • Spectacular views of Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu & Tibetan plateaue.
  • Bird's-eye view of the Everest region & it's surroundings.
  • Excellent opportunity to click world's highest peaks.


Day 1: Kathmandu-Everest-Kathmandu

Early in the morning at around 5.15 am pick from hotel and transfer to airport in Kathmandu. As the aircraft takes off, you’ll soon be treated to panoramic views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. Besides Mount Everest, you’ll also get to see other iconic mountains like Lhotse, Nuptse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and many more. 

The flight operates on small aircraft that offer window seats to all passengers. The pilots usually take care to ensure that both sides of the plane get equal opportunities for viewing, so you’ll have plenty of chances to capture incredible photographs and admire the scenery. During the flight, the air hostess provides narration, pointing out the different peaks and landmarks along the way. The flight duration is typically around 1 hour.

The flight will reach its closest point to Mount Everest, offering an impressive view of the world’s highest peak. On clear days, you can witness the famous Hillary Step and the Khumbu Icefall, iconic features of the Everest climbing route.

After circling around the Himalayan giants and soaking in the stunning vistas, the flight heads back to Kathmandu, concluding your once-in-a-lifetime experience.

What is included?

  • Airport pick up/drop by a private vehicle.
  • 1-hour Everest mountain flight (Window seat Guaranteed)
  • Domestic airport departure tax.
  • Certificate of Completion.
  • All government and local taxes. 

What is not included?

  • Personal expenses, meals, drinks etc.
  • Tips or gratuities.


1. Is Mount Everest Flight mainly for tourists or researchers?
Mount Everest Flight is mainly for tourists seeking breathtaking views.

2. Can you see the summit of Mount Everest from the flight?
Passengers can see the summit of Mount Everest from the flight. 

3. How long does the Mount Everest Flight typically last?
The Mount Everest Flight typically lasts around 1 hour.

4. Are there any age restrictions for the Mount Everest Flight?
There are no specific age restrictions for the Mount Everest Flight. 

5. Is it safe to take a Mount Everest Flight tour?
Mount Everest Flight tours are considered safe with experienced pilots.

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