Tibet Overland Adventure Tours -11 Days

Tibet, unlike any other parts of the world has been able to capture man's imagination due to its remoteness and almost mystical aura. Tibet is also known as the Forbidden Kingdom and is located on the roof of the world. Various great explorers and adventurers have visited this holy land regardless of its inaccessibility due to hostile natural conditions and bandits that waylaid them across through the Himalayas. Tibet has its own kinds of mystic charm that has been able to captivate most of the visitors into this land. Tibet has undergone many changes due to the Cultural Revolution, but still it’s past grandeur, majesty, magic & mystery remains undiminished. One can still see today nomads herding their yaks, pilgrims worshipping at sacred shrines & the expansive, striking & enduring Himalayan topography. Tibet is truly an "Adventurers' Paradise". We will drive over the Himalayas following the Arniko Highway which connects Kathmandu with Tibet. Wonderful Tibetan mountains scenery can be enjoyed on the way to Lhasa. In this package, you will have a tour to mystical Buddhist monasteries of Tashilungpo at Shigatse, the Kumbum Stupa at Gyantse, and drive past the beautiful Turquoise Lake. In Lhasa we will visit the famous Potala and Norbulinkha palaces, the great Drepung Monastery and walk through the crowded Barkor Bazaar before flying back to Kathmandu (or onward to China).

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