The Dolpo Trek organized by Marron Treks on June- 2015 was a super -duper success. We are extremely proud of having structured this adventure for our guests at the time when Nepal, in the wake of the catastrophic earthquakes of April 25 & May 12, 2015, is being conceptualized as a taboo in the international arena, when it comes to holidaying or touring! So, this trek isn’t just an adventure but also a bell ringer, testifying the fact that Nepal is absolutely safe as any other nation. After all, no matter where we are, as long as we are on earth, we are at the mercy of Mother Nature!

Trekking to Dolpo, the far-flung rural outskirt of western Nepal is always super adventurous. The turquoise water of Phoksumdo Lake and phenomenal natural beauty coupled with the meticulous trails always makes this venture a one of its kind.  But what makes the trek even more special this time is that we organized it for our two aged clients- one was on his late seventies and the other turned 80 during the trek!! So, if they can do it, anyone should be able to do it!

We are flabbergasted witnessing the volume of support Nepal and the Nepalese received from the international community. And it would not be an overstatement to say that the Nepalese have now got back to their feet. No doubt, that’s one way of helping Nepal- sending support and good wishes. But if there is any better way to do this, it’s actually visiting Nepal!! We urge each one of you to forget this disaster as one of those bad episodes. Stuff happens to everyone, everywhere, but it would not make sense to get clung to it all the time. Nepal has successfully withstood a series of menacing jolts and like nothing lasts forever, the menace too is now over. With the tall handsome mountains, enticing cultural/historical emblems, jaw-dropping natural beauty and exceptionally amiable people, Nepal awaits with her arms wide open……so when are you all coming??

Jyanta La Pass - 5220m

The Managing Director of Marron Treks, Nepal (left) celebrates the moment with his guest at Jyanta La Pass (5220m) in the Dolpo region of Nepal.

Yangjer Gompa

The Yangjer Gompa is located in the Dolpo Region of Nepal.

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