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A Small Endeavor Makes A Big Difference

Marron Treks donated 15 sets of Solar Panels to the needy families affected by the devastating quake of April 25, 2015. It gives us a sense of relief that these families now have something to combat the intimidating darkness that had engulfed their lives since the past couple of months. Despite the fact that the numbers are small and our effort looks meager, the only thing that inspired us to do this was the verity that our small gesture could make a big positive impact on their deteriorating life conditions.
Akin to the quotes depicted on the banner (at my back), giving is indeed a selfless act and the more we give, the more we gather! It is always good to see the smiley faces, no matter how few they may be and what’s even more appealing to know is the fact that “we” are the reason behind those smiles!
There’s no doubt…..Nepal is indeed rising!!!

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