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Jungle Safari: Discover the Rich Biodiversity of Nepal

Nepal is a country gifted with immense natural beauty. With exceptional diversity in geography and culture; the unique persona of this country truly makes it a paradise for travelers! Whenever people talk about Nepal, the conversation will probably be mostly about the mountains or maybe even the people. However, the rich bio-diversity this land possesses is massively under-rated on numerous occasions. The tropical forests of the lower Terai region, sub-tropical forests in the hilly region, and alpine vegetation in the areas beneath the Himalayas of Nepal inhabit some of the most exotic flora and fauna in the world.

The span of land dedicated to parks, reserves, and conservation areas in Nepal is simply astounding. Carefully preserved within these areas is the mesmerizing wilderness, where travelers get to experience the true beauty of the rich biodiversity of Nepal. Jungle Safaris are one of the best ways to explore the dense forests and get up close with the wild. Some of the best Wildlife Safari to take on are Chitwan Wildlife Safari, Bardia Jungle Safari, and Koshi Tappu Bird watching Tour. You can walk through the sights you will witness in these journeys in these brief descriptions.

Chitwan Wildlife Safari

The Chitwan National park is situated in the southern central part of Nepal. With a total surface area of 932 square kilometers, the Chitwan National park is a dense forest that populates some of the most rare species of birds and animals such as: one-horned Rhinoceros, Bengal Tiger, other fascinating animals like: Langur monkeys, wild boars, sloth bears, jungle cats, pythons, crocodiles, elephants, and over 500 different  species of birds. Listed as one of the UNESCO world heritage sites, adventurers often choose to explore Chitwan National Park, making it one of the most popular choices for travelers. Some of the best aspects of this wildlife safari are the elephant rides, canoeing in the Rapti, and visiting the nearby Tharu community. Taking on the Chitwan Wildlife Safari is a great way to get a taste of the bio-diversity Nepal holds.      

Bardia Jungle Safari

Near the southern border in the far west region of Nepal, there lies a wildlife sanctuary with an impressive scenery of the wilderness: the Bardia National Park. Covering the transitions from the Indian plains and the foothills of the Himalayas, the Bardia National Park covers 968 square kilometers of land. This causes the natural vegetation of the park to vary from lush dense forests to plain grassland that leads up to riverine. Being one of the least explored sanctuaries of Nepal, the Bardia National Park rests in its tranquil state peacefully inhabiting the largest population of Bengal Tigers. This park also provides shelter to several other rare species such as Rhinoceros, Gharial crocodile, Tiger, Wild elephant, Swamp deer, Gangetic dolphin, Bengal florican, and Sarus Crane. The well-preserved state of this park is what makes it extremely special in terms of wildlife exploration. 

Koshi Tappu Bird Watching Tour  

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve is situated in the floodplains of the Saptakoshi River in the eastern region of Nepal. Named after the biggest river in Nepal: the Koshi, this reserve covers an area of 175 square kilometers. Besides spotting rare animals, the wildlife reserve is also known for its birds where you can find around 350 different species of birds. It is famous for being one of the finest bird watching sites in all of Asia. Bird watching enthusiasts even consider this place as a paradise as it inhabits spectacular species of birds such as storks, egrets, cormorants, Ibis, kingfishers, Indian rollers, and various species of ducks including Flamingos and Pelicans. Many species of migratory birds such as the Sarus Crane, migrate to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife reserve. Getting there in time for the migration will be a breath-taking experience!    

Nepal gives you a wonderful opportunity to experience the wilderness in the best way possible. If you want to see nature in its most tranquil state, you must indulge yourself into jungle safaris. Drift through the dense forests of Terai and encounter phenomenal species of wildlife while you gather memories that will tag along for a lifetime. Like any other trek or tour in Nepal that takes you up close to the lives of the local people, jungle safaris take you close to the beautiful lives that animals live in the serene jungles of Nepal.



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