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Lifetime Experiences: Visit Nepal 2020

Nepal, officially the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal, is a landlocked country in South Asia located mainly in the Himalayas. Visit Nepal 2020, as the name suggests, is an attempt of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to share the gifts of Nepal's ethereal beauty and competence to foreign tourists with efforts to promote a number of tourist-targeted destinations and activities around the country. Snuggly fitted on the laps of the world's most gigantic mountains, Nepal is blessed with an exquisitely unique geographical situation which welcomes diversity in both natural environment and human civilization. The glorious mixture of natural beauty and exclusive traditions of a wide range of ethnic communities creates an abstract mesh of man and nature's bond, capable of capturing any visitor's heart, mind, and soul. The most convenient advantage of traveling to Nepal remains that it offers a whole lot of range of locations to explore, activities to do, and experience a different array of culture in each different destinations.

Nepal boasts the snowy rises in the north, naturally eccentric Himalayan ranges that offer the plethora of options for trekking and mountain climbing with each trail equally thrilling like the other. The most popular trekking routes include a walk to the foot of the tallest peak in the world, the trekking lovers' haven Annapurna Base Camp, and the off-trail exploration of Upper Mustang, among others. Trekking through the routes showcasing the enormity of these giants against the clear blue sky looks something right out of masterpiece artwork based on heaven on earth. Scaling these peaks, on the other hand, allows you to literally touch the sky, surpassing the clouds and reaching closer to heaven alive.

Other than the Himalayas, there are 20 protected areas in Nepal since 1973, consisting of ten national parks, three wildlife reserves and six conservation areas, which are absolute paradise for wildlife and flora enthusiasts to explore. Wildlife diversity is a notable feature of Nepal because of the variance in climate from sub-tropical to arctic. With over 208 species of mammals and 900 species of birds, there are once in a lifetime opportunities to witness endangered species like the Bengal tiger, one-horned rhinoceros, red panda, spiny babbler, and many more. For the flora, there are more than 5000 species of plants, angiosperms, and gymnosperms, sufficiently scattered differently in different parts of the country.

Its one thing to choose the mainstream activities, but it's a whole new thing to jump into the unconventional yet equally thrilling adventures. Bungee jumping, paragliding, and white river rafting are the best trio of adventure activities anyone could ever partake in Nepal. This tri-combination can be found in a single destination—Pokhara, the year-round tourist destination that never tires of offering the best to the visitors. Culturally preserved UNESCO world heritage sites like Pashupatinath Temple and Boudhanath in Kathmandu along with the sacred Muktinath temple in Mustang and the birthplace of Lord Buddha in Lumbini also fall into the most popular locations in Nepal considering many tourists are on religious pilgrims.

The land of extensive history and several hundreds of century's worth of expanding settlements, Nepal has accumulated a variety of people from different backgrounds and even thrived in harmony among them. From secularism comes the freedom of celebrating holidays of popular traditional events taking place across the country, including the population's one true mega celebration of Dashain and Tihar in mid to late October. Other huge festivals include the traditional Newar Jatra (festivals) like Indra Jatra, Gai Jatra and Bisket Jatra, revered festivals of the Newar community of the Kathmandu Valley. The other communities like the Gurung, Tamang, and Sherpa celebrate Lhosar, which consists of the huge gathering of families coming together to have a good time. One can observe, participate, or even just indulge in the epic tastes of Nepalese cuisine like the all-time popular Momo to a Nepali person's staple diet of Daal (lentil soup), Bhat (rice) and Tarkari (steamed vegetables).

Visit Nepal 2020 aims to bring about 2 million tourists in the year alone, double than the amount now. Visas for tourists from neighbors India and China are easier to acquire, with others from the SAARC member countries to having fair deals. Tourists from others parts of the world can also get visas upon arrival and receive smart deals on package tours, treks, and expeditions.

Nepal is always welcoming to tourists with open arms and a big smile. Nepalese always regard any and every tourist visiting the country with hospitality and kindness. Although not a necessity, it is recommended to learn a few things about the Nepalese culture beforehand so that it is easier to have an insight once you are already in the country. With ample places to travel to and heartwarming locals waiting to present you with their remarkable services, Nepal awaits your arrival.



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