Bhutan, the Dragon Kingdom on the lap of the Himalayas.

Bhutan, the Dragon Kingdom on the lap of the Himalayas is topographically very akin to Nepal. Wedged between two Asian giants - India and China, Bhutan is blessed by nature with a diverse topography and rich culture in the Himalayas. Bhutanese call their country the Druk Yul and follow their own trademark of Mahayana Buddhism with exotic monasteries and lifestyle. The country is also recognized by UNESCO as one of 10 centers for bio-diversity.

Despite all the cutting edge technological innovations of the 21st century, this tiny Himalayan realm is yet to be smeared with the sophisticated modernity. Most of the people here are status quo oriented and still embark on the very orthodox way of life. Being a traditional country in this modern era is perhaps one of the reasons why it has aroused interest in the international arena. Archery has been the national sport of Bhutan since time immemorial; this country exudes the colors of life and jest, typified by the yells of the zealous archers. Most villages have their own archery range and competitions are exhibition of color and excitement.

The Drugyel fortress and the ancient Taktsang monastery of hermits, which hangs on the seemingly impossible cliffs are some of the fascinating historical sites that have drawn tourists from every nook and corner of the globe.

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